The Talarian Empire

The Talarian Empire is massive, it covers the majority of the continent of Talaria and is broken up into twenty two separate districts. Each district is dedicated towards a deity and each district is ruled over by a High Priest (Or priestess) who is wholly devoted to that deity. The laws and cultures within the districts are each different and in some way reflect the deity they are dedicated to. Arcane magics are frowned down upon, even shunned and hated since it was these very magics that were used to defeat the empire and push them out of Karrethar during the invasion.

The emperor is of course the highest in the caste system, followed by oracles of divine origins who are revered among the people as the voice of the gods on Insidia and are always offered a place at the palace. Third in this caste system are the clerics who rule the districts followed swiftly by all other clerics beneath them. They are the rulers of the district and sometimes even the law enforcers who work with the paladins (or anti-paladins) as the case may be, to uphold the laws and tenements of the districts. This places paladins and anti-paladins on the fifth rung of the heirarchy followed by Inquisitors who devote themselves to the church or a deity of their choosing and carry out all the tasks in the name of the church that the church cannot do itself. Aiding in this cause are the cavaliers who take up the seventh slot in the caste system and are general guards and defenders of the Empire as a whole. Most others are in the middle of the caste system, with the exception of peasants, witches maguses, wizards, summoners and bards (bards who reveal that they can cast arcane spells that is). These classes are not only frowned down upon but are hated. It is not unusual for the Empire to sentence one to death just for being able to cast arcane spells and as such people with these talents are often forced to flee for their lives either going into hiding on the outskirts of the continent or leaving it all together.

All deities are respected in the empire and races besides human and elven are often frowned down upon unless they are divine casters in the service of a deity. Druids are highly uncommon here (except for blight druids) because the land has long since been tainted by the spread of the Empire, which has little to no care for the land it sits on. Everyone in the empire is expected to make themselves useful and those who can't are automatically shunned to the bottom of the caste system which is where one will find beggars, street urchins, the elderly, jobless peasants and the disabled.

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