General Backstory

The main continent is Karrethar, which is were Arae'saena is. Many years ago, there were six clans: Ackynia, which controlled which controlled the Wildlands; Lazwor which lived in the mountainous Southlands and the Dragon's Spine; the Aessaengisided in the Wildlands; the Rozen lived on the snow's teeth, the Lisitu occupied The Plains, The Northcoast and Azurewood, and finally the A'astors, which were surrounded in their city: Arae'saena. They who fought between each other, always seeking to expand, and gain access to resources.

Years later, a more advanced civilization known as the Talarian Empire came across the seas from Talari looking to expand their empire.
The Talarians decimated the six clans, forcing them to retreat. The six clans together managed to find refuge on the continent of Shipputsuki. That continent was, at the time, occupied by a secretive folk, the Kifuku, a people influenced highly by spirituality, with a focus on martial arts and finesse. However, they remained hidden, for as long as they could; they were a pacifist people.
The leader or the A'astors, Airen stepped up, and brought the six clans together, getting them to join forces in a hope to regain their territory. As time went on, and they trained, and got ready for a fight, and before the Talarians decided to expand to their refuge too.
It was a Kifukan soldier who informed them. He hid in Airen's tent, and, once the leader retired for sleep, the Kifukan, a 12 year army veteran by the name of Kensaka appeared, and told him everything; about the existance of the Kifukans, and about the Talarian ships which they had spotted.
Kensaka went on to explain that the Talarians thought that the continent was uninhabbited, that they had only sent a few ships and the Kifukans could easily fight them off. But they would come back, in the future. They would bring in armies, and thousands of men, and those men, the Kifukans would not be able to stop.
He then told the A'astor that in the center of the island, there was a magical stone. It was reveered by the Kifukans, but also feared ; their deities and beliefs forbade it. The Eliiran Stone was saturated with magic which could be used as a training tool learn how to wield magic which had, until then been undiscovered by the Karretharians. The stone opened their eyes to the arcane powers which had been dormant in the them. They used it to train in the ways of magic and formed the first wizards. This allowed them to greatly expand their army's powers, in such a way that, when the Talarians arrived 3 months later, they were fought off, the Talarian army greatly weakened, though not defeated.
The Karretharians returned to their continent, a strong alliance with the Kifukans remaining to this day, 500 years later. The clans fortified their alliance, crowning Airen, their leader, as their king. He split Karrethar into 6 states, each ruled by the leader of it's respective clan, the leaders acting as dukes.

To this day, the Talarians are generally disliked, though accepted (A bit like between the french and the english till the 1850s), but divine casters, a specialty of the Talarians, are not disliked, and arcane casters tend to be very accepted in the Karretharian society ; the Kifukans are also welcomed.

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