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Change to the standard point buy system of pathfinder. That would be the following with 25 points to spend, all stats start at 10 as per pathfinder standard point buy.

Score Points
7 -4
8 -2
9 -1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

You would then add racial modifers, etc. This suggestion, along with the next, would allow questrunning to be more balanced.

The next suggestion is to make HP 3/4 of full, instead of full (Or something else. Personally I think it should be tau/9 rounded up (tau=2pi) (tau=3.14159265358*2)
PS: That suggestion, to make it tau/9 of full HP, instead of 3/4 full hp is meant to encourage people to post their thoughts, encourage disagreements. You can suggest other ratios, you can suggest full hp. Feel free.

These would allow quests to be more balanced, and make questrunners jobs much easier.


Zhelen: How important, would you say, it is to expand the current setting? What parts are the most important, would you say?

Liliam: Given I do believe there is more in the world than Arae'saena and more than just the Dark Barrel Tap Room within that city, some expansion of the current setting should be done. Just something to give a bit more for players to go off of, while still giving them freedom to use their imagination. What other types of places in the city were thought of when it was made? Was it just the idea of a tavern and to make it so it wasn't in the middle of nowhere, decided to say it is in the city of [Insert Random Name Here]? Then there is the mention of how Arae'saena came to be, it ends with being split into five states, yet nothing further was mentioned yet this is where the game is mostly situated? Great, we know more about how the Talarian Empire sees things such as divine casters compared to arcane. What about the main role playing area? Do they have any qualms about divine casters, arcane ones, what about alchemists or samurais for instance? A little information on each of the main continents would be great, and just a little more on at least the main city itself. There is a list of channels and that helps, but there is mention of another tavern on the seedy side of town but beyond that little blurb of the establishment, nothing. Are there any landmarks of the city or even ones to note elsewhere in the world? Specific things that might be a draw to travelers other than the Dark Barrel or the large market? Little stuff like this, can also help those that play characters more knowledge based of the world around them. While it is always great to just make stuff up, having some legitimate things the creator of the world chose to have is nice too.

Zhelen: Thanks for the suggestion :)
The setting is fairly undefined as of yet… I hardly remember what was said while making the maps… but the the only things set in stone are general ideas, atm. I'll post em up, but pretty much anything that isn't on the wiki, and isn't outrageous (A continent full of unicorns and chocolate) is fine for anyone to make up, and write up. (For those who were in gaia, a bit like they made the countries)
I'll get the info on the continents up soon.
I am writing/rewriting the histories, and I am now planning on possible adding effects based on your provinence. Were you are from.
I've rewritten the histories,

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