General Rules:

  • Ops: If an Op for the channel is under a different name that does not have an @ beside it, then please have the consideration not to bother them with mechanics or questions in PMs. Leave a message for the Op on the wikidot site and you will be gotten back to promptly with your issue.
  • Chill: Its a game, meant to be fun not stressful, respect others and act like adults.
  • Adult Content: While we understand that adult situations are going to happen, we ask that you be aware of other people in the public rooms and take private rp to a side channel. If you are in an RP that is going someplace you don't want to go, tell your rp partner to lay off. If you are lurking in a channel where people are rping and they go someplace you don't want to see.. Don't be lurking.
  • The world is not made of Nerf: Things are going to come up that might upset you, By being in the channel you have stated you are 18 or older and its assumed you don't need babysitting. Handle arguments between people in as polite a manner as possible, don't deliberately aggravate others if you can avoid it and generally act like adults.
  • Common Sense: Pretty self explanatory, here, people. Don't edit others wiki pages without permission, don't grief other players, keep trolling and teasing within acceptable levels.

Channel List

Rewards System Rules:

  • To acquire RP reward points while RPing in any channel containing the bot one must !Login with their wiki name (!Login YourNameHere for example). He will send you a message if you've signed in properly.
  • Solo rp (monologing) is NOT permitted.
  • Points will be tallied up periodically and added to a table on the Characters Page.
  • Keep a list of site work done (page titles) for SCP awarding, Ops will likely ask. The rates for SCP are 15:1 for feats 10:1 for spells. Additional may be awarded for things such as quest-running and helping new players.

Mechanical House Rules:

  • You can refer to the Character Creation Guide for steps in how to fill out your character sheet.
  • Base 8, 32 1:1 point buy system.
  • Starting Gold: 300 gold at creation.
  • Medium Experience based on the Pathfinder SRD.
  • Favored Class rule implimented. Pick a favored class upon creation. Any time you take a level in that class, you gain your choice of +1 HP, +1 Skill Point, or one of the alternate favored class options found on race pages. Half-Elves get to designate two favored classes upon creation, unless you give up Multitalented for an Alternate Racial Option.
  • Some basic starter gear kits have been constructed for ease. You can find them here.
  • Space for gold template rule
  • Craft: 1 additional craft skill per 5 ranks. All skills with the same Modifier.
  • Max Hit points per hit dice.
  • Basic Background/personality information required at character creation.
  • Item Purchases: Basic items ( under 500 ) take care of your own book keeping, items over 500 or magical in nature should be posted up for note on the Discuss section of your character page. This button is located third from the left on the bottom of the page near Edit.

Quest and Quest running Rules:

  • When one decides to run a Quest, it is the DM's discretion whether they wish to use variant Called Shot rules. This must be announced -before- the start of the quest. Players can opt out of the quest at this time if they do not want to subject their character to the Called Shot rules. In a Called Shots game, players as well as monsters are subject to Called Shots. These variant rules can be found here.

Combat Rules and Information:

Equipment and Services:

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