Rewards System

Insidia offers various Rewards to encourage site work and helpfulness, the main two are SCP and RP.

The Wheatly Favor Points reward system (WFP for short) is a system for rewarding players for Roleplaying in our various channels. By posting while logged into the bot as their Wiki name (!login WikiName) the player will acquire WFP.

WFP can be spent in the following ways:

  • Experience and Gold: A play may spend 1 or more WFP on any of THEIR characters for gold and exp based on the table below.
    • As an example: a player named CaptainFalco on the wiki has earned 500 WFP, he decides to spend it all on his character named Halicon who is a level 1 human fighter. Halicon would then gain 1,000 EXP and 500 GP. However if CaptainFalco had spent the same 500 points on Sashemi, his level 1 Half-Demon (ECL +2) Magus. Sashemi, an ECL 3 (LvL 1 + 2 ECL) character, would have gained 2,000 EXP and 1,500 GP.
  • SCP: SCP may be purchased at a rate of 100 WFP for every 1 SCP.
Wheatly Favor Points
1ST 2(EXP) 1(GP) 11TH 65(EXP) 26(GP)
2ND 3(EXP) 2(GP) 12TH 95(EXP) 32(GP)
3RD 4(EXP) 3(GP) 13TH 130(EXP) 45(GP)
4TH 6(EXP) 5(GP) 14TH 190(EXP) 55(GP)
5TH 8(EXP) 6(GP) 15TH 255(EXP) 75(GP)
6TH 12(EXP) 7(GP) 16TH 410(EXP) 95(GP)
7TH 16(EXP) 10(GP) 17TH 500(EXP) 120(GP)
8TH 24(EXP) 12(GP) 18TH 750(EXP) 155(GP)
9TH 30(EXP) 16(GP) 19TH 1,050(EXP) 195(GP)

SCP is rewarded for Sitework, Quest Running, General helpfulness in the channel and with other players in our setting and can be used to:

  • Buy a feat: Limited to 1 at second and one every second level thereafter (2, 4, 6 and so on) each feat costs 4 SCP.
  • Buy a Template: Each +1 of the LA of the template is 30 SCP ( +1 is 30, +2 is 60.. so on)
  • Purchase Gold: Each 1 SCP spent will grant a character the same gold they would have gained by spending 100 WFP for a character of their level as outlined in the table above.
  • Other unique things: This one is subject to Op approval and pricing, everything from special backgrounds (Noble or other things that give a starting benefit.) to whatever your mind can imagine, though it does have to fit the character and the price will vary but BE CREATIVE.

Other SPC buy-able rewards will also be forthcoming as the setting grows.

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