Half-Vampires are born of humanoid women who were drained during child birth. Most grow up either thralls to their undead sires, though rare cases exist where a half-vampire is successfully hidden away from it's sire and allowed to find it's own way.

Physical Description:
Half-vampires are born of humanoid races and largely appear as their mother's race, save that their features are more feral.

Half-Vampires are raised either in vampire society (if raised by their undead sires) or are raised in the societies of their base race.

Half-Vampire relations are often that of their base race, though those who are raised by their sires tend to fall prey to vampire politics. Those who discover their heritage and are not raised by their sires are often at odds with all vampires.


Half-Vampires adventure for many reasons, but it often boils down to one simple trait they all share, a desire to hunt and to test their limits.

Half-Vampire Racial Traits

CR+1 Template (Half-Undead)

+4 Str, -2 Con, +4 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha: Half-Vampires are exceptionally strong and cunning as well as insightful and charming, but they have frail constitutions.

Creating a Half-Vampire

"Half-Vampire is an inherited template that can be applied at creation to any living humanoid (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A half-vampire uses the base creature's stats and abilities except as noted here.

  • Size: Half-Vampires retain the size of the base creature.
  • Speed: Half-Vampires retain the speed of the base creature.
  • Languages: Half-Vampires begin play speaking the languages of the base creature.
  • Half-Undead: Half-Vampires gain the following traits associated with being half-undead.
    • Darkvision 60'
    • +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease and mind-affecting effects
    • take no penalties from energy-draining effects, though they still die if they accrue more negative levels than they have Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels are removed without need for additional saving throws.
    • harmed by positive energy and healed by negative energy, fast healing effects still function normally.
    • eat, breathe, and sleep
  • Natural Armor: Half-Vampires improve their natural armor by +2 (or gain +2 natural armor if the base creature does not possess it).
  • Shadow Resistance: Half-Vampires have resistance 5 (cold and electricity).
  • Regeneration: Half-Vampires have Regeneration 5 (positive energy), as per the monster ability.
  • Fangs: Half-Vampires have a natural bite attack (1d4), this is a primary natural attack. If it is used in a full attack with a manufactured weapon, treat it as a secondary natural attack. A half-vampire that successfully deals damage with it's bite attack may use it's blood drinker ability as a free action as a part of the attack.
  • Blood Drinker: A half-vampire that drinks blood gains 5 temporary Hit Points. The effect lasts for 1 hour or until the temporary Hit Points are depleted. A half-vampire may feed multiple times and continue to gain hit points to a maximum of 5 temporary Hit Points for every three Hit Dice it possesses.
    • A half-vampire may drink blood from an opponent who is helpless, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, unconscious, or similarly disabled. You must first cut your target by dealing 1 hit point of damage with a slashing or piercing weapon (though it may feed upon a creature with severe wounds or a bleed effect without cutting it first). Once you cut the target, you can drink from its wound as a standard action. Drinking blood deals 2 points of Constitution damage to the creature you fed upon. The blood must come from a humanoid and cannot come from a dead or summoned creature. Feeding on unwilling intelligent creatures is an evil act.
Appearance and Age statistics

Half-Vampires use their base race's statistics for height and weight. A half-vampire reaches adulthood at the same age as their base race but double the age for all other categories (mature, old, venerable) and roll twice for maximum age. A half-vampire does not incur penalties for aging until it reaches venerable although it does gain all benefits normally (-3 to all physical stats and +3 to all mental stats at venerable age). A half-vampire can die of old age.

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