The Conman, Prelude


Supervised by:

3 Hours


Character Data
Vespar Lv.1 Tiefling Bard
Perada Lv.2 Human Rogue
Katja Lv.2 Human Rogue
APL is 5/3, rounded to 2
-1 APL for 3 member party


Encounter Type CR
The Bar Room Con Roleplay 2
Freeing the Lawman Skill Tests 1
Sleeping on the Job 3 Orcs 1
Abandoning the Lawman 5 rogues 3


Character Reward Additional
Perada 734EXP 624GP Secret Message
Vespar 734EXP 624GP None
Katja 734EXP 624GP None


The siblings Perada and Vespar were conned into chasing after a thief into a trap that lead to their capture. Meanwhile, Katja found herself lured into following a supposedly easy mark. This too was a con and lead to her capture as well. The girls and their bardic companion awoke to find themselves bound poorly and caged together in an underground dungeon. They also found that they were not alone, a much more securely bound man who identified himself as Rhine of the Camerlango family. Prudently, Perada decided to free the lawman as to help with their escape. After collecting their belongings they found their way free of the holding room and into a room housing sleeping orc guards. One was awake but Rhine handled him swiftly before he could reveal their escape. While the other two dispatched the sleepers, Perada scouted ahead. Shortly after she returned with intel, they formulated a plan to deal with whatever might lay ahead. When they passed the last door they discovered that they were expected. Rhine cleared the way for the others to escape, commanding the to do so. Following the clear order, they did so that they could report his whereabouts to the city guard that he might be rescued. When they got there, they made a terrible discovery… that Rhine's brother was in charge of the whole operation and that rescue was the last thought on his mind. The party collected their reward for the information and the attempted rescue.

Later that night when Perada was alone in her room getting ready to sleep, she discovered something. The conman had done more than just grope her and steal her coinpurse. He left behind a secret message, so cleverly hidden that she hadn't noticed his placing it on her person… [To Be Continued]

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