Kobold: Agressive Negotiations


Supervised by:

4 Hours or More


Character Data
Koden Lv.1 Human Rogue
Bjorn Lv.1 Human Oracle
Perada Lv.3 Human Rogue
Andrik Lv.1 Human Wizard
Hussam Lv.1 Human Wizard
APL 2 (7/5)


Encounter Type CR
The Treasury CR 1 mechanical trap 1
Sleeping on the Job 3 CR 1/4 Kobolds 3/4
On Our Own Terms 9 CR 1/4 Kobolds 9/4
That's One Big Kobold 1 CR 5 Half-Dragon Advanced Kobold 5


Character Reward
Koden 80EXP 55GP
Bjorn 80EXP 55GP
Perada 1,015EXP 850GP
Andrik 1,015EXP 850GP
Hussam 1,015EXP 850GP

Perada made use of 1 pint of Oil, 1 Potion of Invisibility, and 1 Hero Point.
Perada has been awarded 1 Hero Point for clever use of her abilities and equipment to overcome particularly challenging obstacles.


In this installment of the Kobold questline, the party was sent back to assist the new allies of the Temple of Bahamut. To assist the blue kobolds, the party was sent into an ancient ruin that they came across through their excavation in the iron mines and clear out any and all red-scaled squatters. Bjorn suddenly became ill with visions after the party dealt with the trapped treasure room and was escorted back to safety by Koden. Perada, Andrik, and Hussam all continued onward to deal with a score of red scaled kobolds and their leader who fought as ferociously as any young dragon could hope to. The party made clever use of their abilities and equipment throughout the adventure and managed to come through relatively unscathed. Upon their return they were awarded additionally for their efforts by Bright-Scales, the leader of the blue kobolds. [To Be Continued?]

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