Kobold: A Lesson in Caution


Supervised by:

4 Hours or More


Character Data
Inara Lv.1 Half-Celestial Human Paladin
Perada Lv.3 Human Rogue
Bjorn Lv.1 Human Oracle
Andrik Lv.1 Human Wizard
APL 2 (8/4)


Encounter Type CR
The Welcome Mat CR 2 mechanical trap 2
The Welcoming Committee APL 2 story 2
Ixplixtn APL 2 story 2


Character Reward
Inara 450EXP 413GP
Perada 450EXP 413GP
Bjorn 450EXP 413GP
Andrik 450EXP 413GP


Inara, a knight of Bahamut set out upon her first quest in the company of a talented acrobat, a wizard, and an oracle. Together they made their way to a cave that had been discovered to contain veins of iron. There was a problem with this mine however, it was also discovered that there are kobolds within already mining it. The party was tasked with removing the kobolds that the city could mine the ore for itself. However, upon arrival the party soon found themselves surrounded and with little choice but to surrender and be escorted to the leader of the kobolds known as Ixplixtn. Ixplixtn conversed with the party for a time, entertaining their notions that they had the upper hand simply by being from the city. However, when it came time for ultimatums, he asserted his superiority over the party and encouraged them to leave peaceably and that he would not bow to the city's demands. This kobold was certainly no coward though he did show the greed of his greater ancestors by offering to trade the iron they mined for gold and treasures of equal value. The party accepted the offer to leave in peace and return to their former lives… [To Be Continued?]

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