Karishma's Murders


Supervised by:
Jenni, Raven, Bossun, Lisa

Unresolved/To Be Continued


  • APL: 1 (5/4)
    • Myr — Level 1 Human Magus
    • Rosalyn — Level 1 Human Cleric
    • Saya — Level 1 Kitsune Sorcerer
    • Keiko — Level 2 Human Magus


  • Encounter 1: CR 3
    • Karishma CR 3 Human Magus


  • XP: 200 Each
  • Gold: 200 Each


That is the sound of bubbles popping.
Now imagine those were human lives popping.
17 per week, though nobody knows for sure.
A guardsman knows who it is, but he cannot prove it. He cant stand that person running free, either, and so hires the adventurers, who go to seek the killer.
After some research, the discover her whereabouts in an ancient dungeon that was used a few hundred years ago by smugglers. A huge dungeon, of which the party has only seen part.
They decide to pose as slave sellers, loosen Saya's clothing, and knock, get invited in, arrive in the kitchen.
Talkings, price negotiations, Karishma's deceit gets discovered, her desperation to purchase the slaves.
Price gets raised, she pushes aside Saya, and gets attacked by Keiko, and Rosalyn simultaneously, Dazed and Grappled, before getting pinned and slapped.
Turns out she was murdering, and fornificating because of a curse placed upon her by an evil wizard when she stole his implement of power. If she didtnt kill 17 people, and sleep with 5 people every week, she would die.

In the end, she was brought to the temple, and is healed at a temple of Bahamut. There, the scimitar, his implement of power, is given to Rhine, who gives it to the temple's leader Torian who turns the blade into much dust and frees karishma of the spell
Rhine then brings her to his brother to be jailed.

Luckily for her, Keiko has decided to stick with her, and help her get through these troubling times.

The Sergeant, happy that she had been brought back alive, cooperative, and guilty, awarded you all 200GP, and it might strike the back of your minds that, a bunch of tunnels such as those, left abandoned for years after being used by smugglers, might just be worth exploring. Tresure and Challenge might ensue.

Note: You managed to complete the quest bypassing all challenges I had prepared. Congratioltions(However thats spelled)!
I still have the area mapped out, and many rooms prepared, along with loot made ready, so I might run another quest, but not for a while (*murders the gobber of time*) And, if someone else wants to run one, I can, and will, give the notes/map willingly. Just ask.

O, and I will probably be sheeting Karishma sooner or later, but probably later, or not at all, if I have forgotten. But probably I will… Later.

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