Eyes of the Beast, Prelude


Supervised by:

4 Hours or More


  • APL: 2 (7/4)
    • Iratus — Level 1 Half-Orc Barbarian
    • Katja — Level 2 Human Rogue
    • Galen — Level 2 Human Monk
    • Keiko — Level 2 Human Magus


  • Encounter 1: CR 3
    • Cheryl Northwall CR 3 Werecat Barbarian


  • XP: 200 Each
  • Gold: 200 Each


Inaugural quest, thinking type.
Deputized by the city guard, the party is pressed to investigate the disappearances of children from the streets of the city when the daughter of a retired general goes missing. After a divination from the high cleric of the temple of Heironious, and some footwork on their part, they find the kid…only she's been changed into a werecat. With a little cunning and magic, they manage to wrangle in the feral werecat so she can be healed from what changed her into such.

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