Eyes of the Beast, Act 1


Supervised by:

4 Hours or More


Kekiko Lv.2 Human Magus (Blade Bound Kensai)
Andrik Lv.1 Human Wizard
Bjorn Lv.1 Human Oracle
Kothe Lv.1 Half-Elf Magus (Spellblade)


RP only, see below


500 XP & 325 GP for Participation.


The priestess of Heironious's clergy, Tonia Pegason, summons the characters to the temple after learning something peculiar about a previous victim of what seemed to be lycanthrophe in the way of a young, tweleve-year old girl that was turned into a catwere. A highly volatile extract was removed from the child, returning her to normal and thus rectifying one issue, however the substance was unknown and conventional methods to identify the substance didn't work. Tasking the characters with the delivery of the substance, locked away in a bottle and sealed in a cushioned box, they catch a flight via a Roc Rider to a swamp known as the Shadowbog to visit an oracle who practices the old ways…Voodoo.
After explaining himself, Bokor Sango explains to the party that what they had carried to him was a bottle of mojo, extracted from the very same Beast Totem that barbarian's tend to call forth in battle. Someone has been using this stolen essence to turn innocent children and people into man-beasts…something that out band of adventurers may be tasked to stop.

(DM note: This will be my last quest for awhile, if at all. If anyone wants to continue it, feel free.)

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