Dance of the Kobold


Supervised by:

3 Hours


  • APL: 2 (5/3)
    • Lily — Level 1 Human Bard
    • Vivianne — Level 1 Human Oracle
    • Perada — Level 3 Human Rogue


  • Encounter 1: CR 1
    • Totem Puzzle CR 1
  • Encounter 2 CR 2
    • 4 Kobold Fighters (CR 1/2)


  • XP: 333 Each
  • Gold: 270 Each


Three femmes arrived at word that a mess needed to be cleaned up. They were agreed to the job for two hundred gold a piece and set into the now functioning sewers area to access where kobolds had been coming from.

The group found a secret panel and located a large stash of crates stored there guarded by kobolds. In interrogation, it was found the kobolds had been hired to guard the crates of clothing and accessories. Lily gave the kobolds ten silver and two were allowed to flee after promising they wouldn't return in fear of Perada's blade

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