Clearing the Keep, The Conclusion


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4 Hours or More


Keiko level 2 human magus kensai, blade bound)
Galen Level 1 Human Monk Monk of the Healing Hand
Evelyn "Perada" Del Sol Level 2 Human Rogue No Archetype
Delesta Level 1 Ifrit Gunslinger Mysterious Stranger


Encounter Number CR
Young Troglodyte 3 2
Tulok 1 1
Giant Frog 1 1
Tasskar and Snapjaw 1 3


Name Exp Gold
Perada 550xp 1411 GP
Galen 550xp 1273 GP
Keiko 550xp 1273 GP
Delesta 550xp 743 GP

Perada chose to give up 500gp of her reward for the Wayfinder found in this adventure. Effectively, she only gains 911 GP, and the aforementioned Wayfinder.


The group pushes forth further, coming to a stuck door on Fourth Floor. With some hacking and slashing, they reduce the door to nothing more than splinters, only to be faced by three more Young Troglodyte Guards. They were able to take down two of these guards, but before they could dispatch the third, it ran off to warn a much larger Troglodyte named Tulok in the next room over. The battle continued to ensue, until Galen finally struck down the last of the young trogs, and a combined effort of Delesta and Keiko takes down Tulok.

They check the last room on this level, which happens to be home of the master of the keep's Giant Frog pet. But before it can even react, the team strikes it down with little hesitation. On to the fifth, and final level of the tower. There, they face off with Tasskar the Troglodyte Druid and his animal companion, Lockjaw, an albino crocodile. The entire encounter is quickly handled when Keiko strikes the druid down with one strike.


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