Clearing the Keep, Part Deuce


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Unresolved/To Be Continued


Keiko level 2 human magus kensai, blade bound)
Galen Level 1 Human Monk Monk of the Healing Hand
Evelyn "Perada" Del Sol Level 2 Human Rogue No Archetype
Delesta Level 1 Ifrit Gunslinger Mysterious Stranger


Encounter Number CR
Bat Swarm 1 2
Burning Skeletons 2 2
Locked Secret Door 1 2


Name Exp Gold
Perada 450xp TBD
Galen 300xp TBD
Keiko 300xp TBD
Delesta 300xp TBD


As the adventure continues, Keiko returns with healing supplies to get the party back on their feet. The group moves up the stairs to the third floor, only to encounter a locked door. Keiko attempts to break through it, with no success. Perada finds the door locked, and works her magic, tripping the tumblers and unlatching it for them to enter.

The group uncovers an altar room of Boccob, and during the exploration of this room, a sudden noise is heard nearby. The party frantically searches the walls, before finding and unlocking a secret door, revealing Delesta fighting a swarm of bats all on her lonesome.

With some quick thinking, the party saves Delesta and puts down the swarm, only to be beset by Burning Skeletons that suddenly come to life in this altar room. Galen is sidelined by one, and Keiko swiftly puts it down before rushing to his aid. Perada makes quick work of the other by being creative with a rope and grappling hook to kill the second skeleton at range, so she isn't subjected to its deadly aura.

In recognition of her ingenuity, Boccob grants the room an aura of Sanctuary and heals their wounds. Allowing them a chance to rest safe from harm, before they move on to the next leg of the quest. To be concluded….

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