Clearing the Keep, Prelude


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Unresolved/To Be Continued


Keiko level 2 human magus kensai, blade bound)
Galen Level 1 Human Monk Monk of the Healing Hand
Evelyn "Perada" Del Sol Level 2 Human Rogue No Archetype


Encounter Number CR
Wild Dogs 3 1
Scaleback Spider 1 1
Shocker Lizard 1 2
Troglodyte Guards, Young Template 2 1
Javelin Trap 1 1


Name Exp Gold
Perada 733xp TBD
Galen 733xp TBD
Keiko 733xp TBD


Perada, Galen and Keiko (And Vespar, who was unavailable at the time) receive letters to meet a certain 'Mister E' outside of the city. They meet with two masked, garbed figures on the road who take the letters and explain their want to use the adventurers to clear out an old, abandoned keep so they could move in and use the structure as a new temple for their faith.

The trio accept and make it to the keep, where they are immediately onset by a trio of wild dogs. They party dispatch them easily enough. Inside the keep, Perada discovers a hanging Giant Spider, and Keiko torches the webs before it can detect them, giving them a huge advantage in the fight.

Once the spider was taken care of, the party pushes on to the second floor of the keep to find a spunky little shocker lizard. Some quick thinking is used by Keiko, using a treasure they found in the spider lair, to distract the lizard so they can run past it through the next door, and… right into a waiting ambush of Troglodytes. The battle that ensues leaves Galen wounded, Keiko exhausted of spells, and Perada only barely injured… until she triggers the trap on the door leading to the stairwell of the third floor, which puts the poor rogue in no shape to continue as well.

The party use materials in the armory they are stuck in to fashion a ladder so that Keiko can leave the tower through a hole in the wall and rush back to town for healing potions… (To be continued)

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