Koden Pett
Age: 18
Hair: D. Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'1"
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 1
Alignment: CN
Level: 1
Experience: 80/2000
Hit Points: 9/9
Hero Points: 0/0
Gold: 86gp 4sp
Current Status: Active
Played by Tack

Koden is a slim-looking young human, dressed nondescriptly and standing very slightly taller than most of his race. Despite his age, his complexion is quite rough, causing him to look perhaps a tad older than he is. He has a head of short, black hair, as well as a pair of eyes whose round, soft shape conflicts with their cold, sharp, grey colour. His face is quite long, with thin brows, a long, straight nose running down the middle, and a wide mouth with thin lips. His stance seems somewhat uncomfortable, and he has a tendency to fidget impatiently, often tugging at the leather strings of some of his (nonmagical) tin and iron amulets. He speaks in a low, soft voice, and is often prompted to talk louder by those around him. When he laughs or coughs, or sometimes even out of reflex when he shouts, he covers his mouth with his hand to hide a missing canine tooth.

He tends to wear his armour in public, hidden underneath a cloak and loose, dark tunic, both either grey, black, or dark brown. He also wears long boots, baggy hemp or linen trousers, and a stout, brown belt from which his weapons, pouches, and tools hang.


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