Age: 28
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 254 lbs
Race: Ifrit
Class: Fighter 1
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Experience: 0
Hit Points: 14/14
Gold: 300
Current Status: Active
Played by MrEctomy

Gorin stands tall and covered in muscle. At 6'2, he is taller than most, and his bulky mass makes him appear even larger. Still, he has a very gentle-looking face despite the rugged shape. He has long eyelashes and bright green eyes with a ring of fiery orange inside the iris. His smile is wide and shimmering. Atop his head there lies blood-red hair, combed back in straight oiled rows, and he has been known to take short breaks in combat to ensure that it stays that way.

His skin is the color of burnt orange, though it's a darker, more earthy tone that doesn't necessarily identify him as an ifrit right away. However, the charcoal-colored clusters scale clusters that reside on his shins, thighs, forearms, shoulders and back do.


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