Owning Property

For the most part, it is assumed your character has some sort of profession, even if you don't have ranks in the skill. When dealing with living arrangements in Arae`Saena, we simply say that whatever money you make from your odd jobs here and there covers your room, meals and board at an average inn.

Some of you might be interested in actually owning a house or a shop, rather than sleeping in an Inn or conducting your business out of seedy back alleys, however.

For those who aspire to own property, here is a small chart.

Size Rent/Month
Shack/Shanty 100g
Average House/Medium Shop 300g
Nice House/Large Shop 500g
Size To Own Taxes/Month
Shack/Shanty 5000g 50g
Average House/Medium Shop 10,000g 150g
Nice House/Large Shop 15,000g 250g

Medium and Large shops come standard with living space above or adjacent.

Shacks and Shanties are found in the Slums of Low Town.
Average Houses/Medium Shops are in the nicer sections of Low Town.
Nice Houses/Large Shops are usually found in Upper Town, but can be anywhere in Arae`Saena.

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