Katja's Mixtures

Katja's Mixtures is a small shop on the north side of the slums. The store front is a composed of a thick cement wall and a small window with thick metal bars across it. The dark wooden door, reinforced with thick metal strips on the inside is left slightly open during the day, thought it is barred shut at night and when it is not open for business.

Once inside, you will see a small storefront with a several vials with liquids inside of them behind the counter. Behind the counter there is a small door which leads to a small storage room in which the more valuable items are kept.
Under the counter, there is a hidden catch which opens a trapdoor also situated there. If one opens it, and goes down they will arrive at a dark area lit with a few torches, and insectbane candles. After walking 35ft there is an iron door with a small hole with a moveable iron piece on the inside, to allow Katja to see who is outside before letting them in, and it has an excellent lock.

Inside that last door one will see the hidden shop.

On the right side of the room there are shelves stacked with vials, herbs, fangs, and liquids. On the other side, spread out on a long glass desk there are hollow crossbow bolts, hollow arrows, hollow darts and a large amount of daggers and other weapons. Underneath it there are a few bows, crossbows and blowguns. At the left side of the room, near the back and behind the counter, there is a small alcove with a brick wall in the back. An old brick wall with many small holes in it… or so it seems. However, if you put the key into the correct hole, you will manage to puch the heavy door aside. (40 seconds to open it alone without provoking attacks of opportunity. One can also use full round actions and roll strengh checks to open it needing a cumulative 40DC (ie: Round 1: Person rolls 18, round 2 rolls 19, and round 3 rolls 10 which a total of 47 and lets them open the door in 3 rounds (18 seconds)

At the bottom of the staircase there is a room with a large circular workbench, made of several separate parts, each composed of different materials. Small fire burners, vials, and lots of other such stuff sit around there, with the circle being almost closed with one last copper desk with bins covering the entire surface, and shelves bolted to the top and underneath.

The shop is owned by Katja Austèja.

The lighting at the workbench is maintained by two everburning torches while the rest of the shop has normal torches.
There is an alchemists bench, and an alchemists kit allowing Katja to easily craft many different poisons (See Below)

The top exists as a cover shop for the secret and hidden poison shop underneath. The trap door requires the person be kneeling down, looking behind the counter and succeed a DC 20 perception check.

Along the passageway there are 10 trespasser's boot traps hidden in the ground. DC15 for each to see them. Those familiar with the place however know were they are without needing to do any checks.

The merchandise in the poison shop is kept on shelves which, should a button hidden underneath the counter be pressed (DC15 and line of sight needed) makes all the shelves turn backwards plunging the poisons into bins kept below (DC 20 to notice the mechanism. 5% chance of a poison remaining.)

A little alcove to the left of the shop, in which cleaning supplies are kept also has hidden door which, once you insert a key into one of it's numerous holes (Appears ti be made of brick) it can be pushed open. ( .5 foot brick wall + .3 foot iron wall to break.) After going down yet another staircase behind the door, one will arrive at Katja's workshop.

This has a slightly most detailed list of what is present in the shop.
Alchemist kit 25gp (An alchemist with an alchemist’s kit is assumed to have all the material components needed for his extracts, mutagens, and bombs, except for those components that have a specific cost. An Alchemist’s kit provides no bonuses on Craft (alchemy) checks.)
Alchemist lab 200gp (+2 alchemy craft checks)


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