Name Domains Alignment Weapon
Bahamut Air, Glory, Good, Protection LG Claw/Longsword
Heironeous Glory, Nobility, War, Good, Law LG Longsword
Moradin Artifice, Good, Law, Protection, Earth LG Warhammer
Yondalla Good, Law, Community, Protection, Luck LG Short sword
Ehlonna Animal, Plant, Sun, Good NG Longsword
Garl Glittergold Artifice, Community, Good, Trickery, Protection NG Battleaxe
Pelor Sun, Good, Healing, Glory, Strength NG Mace
Corellon Larethian Glory, Magic, Knowledge, Good, Chaos CG Longsword
Kord Strength, Chaos, Good, Luck CG Greatsword
St. Cuthbert Law, Strength, Destruction, Protection LN Mace
Wee Jas Law, Death, Magic, Repose, Knowledge LN Dagger
Boccob Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune, Trickery N Quarterstaff
Fharlanghn Travel, Luck, Protection, Weather N Quarterstaff
Obad-Hai Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Fire, Water N Quarterstaff
Olidammara Charm, Chaos, Trickery, Luck CN Rapier
Hextor War, Evil, Law, Destruction, Nobility LE Flail
Kurtulmak Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery LE Spear
Tiamat Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery LE Claw/Axe
Nerull Death, Evil, Darkness, Trickery NE Scythe
Vecna Evil, Knowledge, Magic NE Dagger
Erythnul Evil, Madness, Strength, Destruction, Trickery CE Morningstar
Gruumsh Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Strength, War CE Spear
Lolth Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery CE Whip
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