Character Creation Guide

Start out by grabbing our Character Sheet (I find it easiest to edit this in Notepad) and posting it onto a character page with your Character's first name. You can create a New Character Page by placing your Character's name in the box above the New Character button at the top of the characters list page. Please follow all instructions there.

Now that you have a page and sheet to fill out, we'll begin setting up your character. All characters start at level one.

Step 1: Name and Description- This is pretty self explanatory. Create a name for your character (which you would have done to make their page) and a brief description of them. This can be a written description or a posted image. You can refer back to this as you consider the character while filling in the rest of the sheet.

Step 2: Alignment- Select your character's alignment from the Alignments page. Remember that although your character can be of any alignment, evil alignments come with inherit risks.

Step 3: Select your Race and Class- Refer to (races) and (classes) for availability. You may choose more than one Arch-Type for your class so long as the attributes do not overlap. Example: If both Arch-Types require the replacement of the same ability

  • Notes: Favored Class rule implemented in this setting (including your first level). Pick a favored class upon creation. Any time you take a level in that class, you gain your choice of +1 HP, +1 Skill Point, or one of the alternate favored class options found on race pages. Half-Elves get to designate two favored classes upon creation, unless you give up Multi-talented for an Alternate Racial Option

Step 4: Ability Scores- With a base of 8 each, you have 32 points to distribute over six abilities. You can find an explanation of each ability on the Ability Scores page. No score may be over 18 before racial stat mods are applied. Reducing a score below 8 before racial stat mods are applied will not give you more points to put somewhere else.

Step 5: Skills- Refer to your class page for a list of class skills and skill points per level. Class skills give a one-time bonus of +3 for the first point put into a class skill. You may put one skill point into each skill for each level your character is. (example: a level 3 character may put up to 3 skill points into any skill)

Step 6: Feats- Select feats from here. Every character is given a feat at level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 in addition to any bonus feats given by their race or class.

Step 7: HP, Saves, Initiative, To-Hit, AC- With the information from the previous steps, you can now refer to your class page and ability scores to calculate Hit Points, Saving Throws, Initiative, Attack Modifier, and Armor Class. (note: Hit Points are maxed per level. If a character would normally have 1d8+2Con hit points at level, they receive the full 10 hit points added to their score)

Step 8: Spells- Refer to your class page for the amount of spells known, then select your spells from the class list respectfully: Alchemist, Anti-Paladin, Bard, Cleric/Oracle, Druid, Inquisitor, Magus, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer/Wizard, Summoner, Witch

Note: When you have completed your character, parent the page by clicking the "+Options" button at the bottom of the page then click on the "Parent" button. A field called "Parent page name" will appear, enter "characters" into this field. Once you have parented the page, tag the page by clicking on the "tags" button and enter "_unapproved" into the "tags" field.

Now that you've created your character, you can purchase equipment. Refer to Weapons, Armor, and Goods and Services pages respectfully. Some basic starter gear kits have been constructed for ease. You can find them here. Each character begins with 300 gold. Until your character is approved, you may arrange and re-arrange equipment on your character within the gold range (keeping track of your remaining gold). once a character is approved, you must speak to an OP to sell back any unwanted equipment.

Character Leveling Guide:

You have earned enough experience for a raise in power. The following is a simple guide to helping you through this and not missing anything. For leveling requirements use the experience chart below

Note: The following is assuming you are using a non-multiclassed character. For a multiclassed character, add your new class saving throws to your current base. Otherwise, proceed through the steps using your newly acquired class

Step 1: Hit Points, Saving Throws- Refer to your class pages for new saving throw bases and hit dice. Remember you do not roll for hit points, but instead gain the most possible hit points for the die roll. (I.E.- 1d8+2 hit points will always be 10 hit points)

Step 2: Skills- Each level you obtain a number of skill points based on your class + Intelligence modifier. Refer to your class page to see how many skill points are given. You may place any of your allotted points into a skill of your choice so long as the total number of skill points spent in the skill does not exceed your character level.

Step 3: Feats- All characters receive 1 feat at level 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19. Some classes grant bonus feats at some levels.

Step 4: Spells- Casting classes gain spells from their respective lists according to the their class. Refer to your class page for increase in spells.

Congratulations! You've now leveled your character.

Character Level Experience Character Level Experience
1st - 11 155,000
2nd 2,000 12 220,000
3rd 5,000 13 315,000
4th 9,000 14 445,000
5th 15,000 15 635,000
6th 23,000 16 890,000
7th 35,000 17 1,300.000
8th 51,000 18 1,800,000
9th 75,000 19 2,550,000
10th 105,000 20 3,600,000
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