Channel List

A listing of the various channels and their general intended uses. If more are needed later they can be added late by one of the not so friendly admins.

Guaranteed Public Rooms

  • Insidia_Tavern: The main tavern and meeting place of the setting, Dark Barrel Tap Room and its immediate surroundings.
  • Insidia_Market: The large main market of Arae‘Saena, a place to visit shops, meet in the out door market during favorable weather, negotiate a trade if it doesn’t make sense to hold the conversation in the tavern over drinks.
  • Insidia_Slums: The seedy side of town, where cutpurses and cut throats are common, those of a darker inclination can gather at the Drunken Nobleman, a bawdy drinking house with knife scarred furniture and half orc bouncers. Walking through the night side of the slums is taking ones life in their own hands, Guards are few and far between here, you have been warned.
  • Insidia_Quest and its OOC room: Used for quests.. no rping in here between quests or or.. nothing will happen you'll just have to stop if a quest starts up.

Generally Public rooms These are generally open to the public but if only two people are in there and ask you to leave its likly they are privately rping

  • Insidia_City: Anywhere else in the great city of Area`Saena, the temples, the guardhouses, or simply a roadside stop.
  • Insidia_Wilds: Outside the city walls but on the same continant, generally used for the area directly around town
  • Insidia: Anywhere else.

Private RP Rooms More of these may be added if it becomes a problem that they are always full.

  • Insidia_Private
  • Insidia_other
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